Boot Camp has truly been a life changing experience for me. In addition to exercising with supportive like-minded women, I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my heath. Several weeks into my first Boot Camp I noticed my knees no longer crunched and rarely snapped. I was thrilled. Being in my late fifties, I’ve acquired old sports related injuries and had cause for concern to the point that I was uncertain of how I would handle Boot Camp. I knew, however, that the strengthening of the collateral muscles would benefit my knee problem. I just didn’t think things would improve so quickly. Then, another area of my health unexpectedly changed; my vision improved. I couldn’t believe it, so I waited several weeks before telling anyone. Sure enough, I no longer have to squint to see the digital clock at night. Wow! I attribute these positive changes to not only exercise, but to nutritional guidance and greatly increased oxygen supply to my eyes.
I encourage everyone who wishes to live a vital life to join Boot Camp.

~ C. D. (Bay View Camp)

Just a quick note of thanks for all you did in our last week of camp to push us through. You are one of the most inspiring people I have worked with and I truly admire the passion you bring to the field daily. We all pushed harder because we knew how much you cared about our success; the encouragement on the stairs, the correction to our form and the extra push every day! When someone calls you by name, tells you to keep moving, you just don't want to let them down.

You are a difference maker and have an incredible gift. You are correct, I can hold the plank a lot longer than I did yesterday but need to set my mental goal higher. I plan to redeem myself:) in the July camp and at that time, prior to assessment, I will seek you out to establish my mental goals. Once I put something in my head, I quit as soon as soon as I reach it....so it looks like I need loftier goals.

~L.M. (Bradford Beach Camp 5:30 AM)

Just want to let you know I am feeling MUCH better (knees especially!) and I/m sure camp has a lot to do with it. Before I started I didn't think I could run and even though I'm not running a lot, it's more than I have for the past 6-8 years. It feels like the activities are getting easier but I assume that's because my strength and endurance are increasing, so I just need to continue to push and make it harder. You guys have been doing a great job and I like the way you have been mixing it up and incorporating the partners and teams into the workouts this session. Keep up the good work! I'm really getting into the routine and don't like it when I have to miss one of my days (but I do like the flexibility of the 4/day a week camp so I can have one day a week to "sleep in"!)

Thanks again for your inspiration and I'm really glad I made the decision to join up. It's really making a difference!
~ N.M. (Brookfield Camp)

My feedback.... I LOVE bootcamp! I can definately see the results and
find it a great way to start the day.

~ K.B. (Bradford Beach 5:30 am)

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